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Title: Fireworks
Author: yuuki_7
Pairing: Kojima Haruna x Tegoshi Yuya
Genre: Angst
Type: One-shot
Summary: Kojiharu received a text that will forever change her life
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, I just own the plot ^_^
Author’s Note: I've been wanting to write for so long! It's just that muse won't come to me LOL. Inspired by the fireworks at my uni. Thanks to dreamweavernyx for the beta =D

It was an accident.

She hadn't planned to tweet it - it was supposed to be a text to her friend. It caused rumors, something she regretted. She'd cried, many times over. She didn't want to lose someone. By 'someone', she wasn't referring to her fans but rather, to a man named Tegoshi Yuya.

It was July, two years ago, when Kojima Haruna received a text from her friend saying that Tegoshi looked cute in a certain cm. As she was typing the word Tegoshi on her phone in her reply, she accidentally tweeted it and caused rumors among both their fans.

It was terrible.

Fans were going crazy, and they kept on tweeting her for an explanation. Her manager told her to stay calm, and not to comment or tweet anything about it until the right time.

But most of all, Yuya told her that he did not want to talk to her until the issue is over.

A few days after that incident, her manager gave her the go signal to clear out the issue to her fans. As soon as she was given the signal, she immediately told her fans what really happened. That there was nothing going on between them and it was supposed to be a text to her friend. She lied, but she had to in order to protect their jobs. Fortunately, her fans accepted her explanation and the rumor stopped after one month.

To Haruna, however, it seemed that her relationship with Yuya died along with the rumour.

Two years after the incident, Yuya still wouldn't contact her or answer her calls. They saw each other whenever they went to an acquaintance's party but they would never talk, as if they were strangers to each other. Haruna never expected the rumor to have a huge impact in her life like this. Every time that she'd try to approach him, Yuya would move away, either to go home or talk to his friends. Haruna couldn't help but assume that Yuya had been avoiding her since she accidentally tweeted his name.

Tonight was another ordinary night for Haruna, a theater performance. She always made sure that she looked beautiful before she stepped out of the stage. She wanted to make her fans happy, since they were the only ones who had been keeping her sane since the incident.

As she was preparing for the performance, her phone vibrated and she picked it up to read the message.

Come on over here at Waseda. her friend texted.
I can't, I have a theater performance. Sorry. she replied.
Too bad. We saw Tegoshi walking around the campus so... I thought you'll have time to come. Have fun at the performance and sorry for not being there to watch you.

As soon as she read her friend's reply, she suddenly stood up from her seat and kept on staring at that text message.

"Umm, Harunyan? Are you alright?" Takahashi Minami asked, one of her closest friends in AKB48.
"Yeah, umm it's just that... I need to go. Something urgent happened," Haruna said while hurriedly fixing her bag.
"Wh- WHAT? Wait, we have a performance!" the small girl retorted.
"I know, but I need to go! If I don't... I might regret it for the rest of my life. Just say something to the staff. Sorry and thank you!"

Before Minami could even say a word, Haruna closed the door and ran towards the exit.

An hour after, Haruna reached Waseda. Hurriedly, she picked up her phone from her bag to call her friend. As she picked up her phone, she saw many missed calls from the staff and Takamina. She decided to ignore them for now, she'd just answer them back later. As she was dialing her friend's number, a familiar figure walked towards her.

"Yuya" she murmured. "It's been a while"
"Haruna..." he whispered. "Yes, it has been a while"
"Can we ta-" Haruna suddenly stopped when she saw sparks shot up the sky
"Fireworks. Aren't they pretty... just like you?" Yuya smiled and kissed Haruna before she could even say a word

A few seconds later, Haruna opened her eyes and saw Yuya staring at the ground. He is neither moving or talking, he just stayed silent. He suddenly grabbed her hand, looked at her teary eyes, took a deep breathe and finally spoke.

"I'm sorry" he muttered. "I don't think we can still keep this relationship going on. I thought my feelings would go back if I kiss you, but it didn't" Words won't escaped Haruna's mouth when she heard what Yuya have just said. He let go of her hand and walked away while she just stared at the fading figure without saying a word. Tears naturally flowed from her eyes and she didn't even move to wipe them. Different emotions filled up her heart and she cannot take it any longer. Suddenly, her surrounding ran in circles and before her eyes shuts itself, she saw a familiar figure running back to her while shouting her name. She smiled at what she saw and lost consciousness right after that.

The morning after, Haruna woke up. As she looked around her surroundings, she realized that she was in her room, alone. She felt dizzy and could vaguely remember what happened last night or how she even got back home. But one thing's for sure, she saw Yuya running back to her before she fainted.

When she sat on her bed, she saw the bag that she was carrying last night lying beside it. Realization hit her when she stared at the seemingly dull image of her bag. Yuya ran back to her because he heard her bag falling hard on the dirty cement and saw her losing her balance and about to fall down. She closed her eyes as she try to erase that memory. She doesn't need to remember how pitiful she was to Yuya last night.

As she was fixing the pillows, she saw a photobook hidden beneath it. She has no idea on how that photobook ended up beneath her pillow and as far as her memory is concerned, she kept it on the cabinet beside her bed. Still wondering why it ended up beneath her pillow, she opened it and skimmed through the photos and unexpectedly, cried upon seeing the pictures that reminded her how happy she and Yuya was while playing at the fireworks at Tanabata Festival three years ago. When she reached the last page, she was shocked to find the small paper inserted on it, missing. She flipped the pages of the photobook once again, hoping to find the missing paper inserted on it. She looked around her bed, searched every corner of it but still, she had no luck in finding it.

She stood up, looked around her room and suddenly stared at the wardrobe, particularly at the corner of the mirror attached to it. There, she found the paper that she had been looking for. She slowly touched the paper and nostalgia hit her when she read the letters written on it.

Fireworks shot up the sky and explode with beautiful lights that make people happy - just like you who gets up on stage and dances with an aura that would make your fans happy.

It was Yuya who wrote and gave it to her while they are playing at the fireworks during the Tanabata Festival three years ago. Below the message was another message which she had not seen before.

I'm sorry that I can never be the man that would be with you forever

She shed another tear upon reading the new message. She closed her eyes and calmed herself.

It's all over now
Tags: akb48, fanfic, tegoshi yuya
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