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Mizukawa Asami

It's been a long time since I posted some picspams...
Finally, I'm posting a picspam today!

Here's the picspam for today!
All about
Mizukawa Asami

I've finished watching Maou......Why do they have to die???????? I admit that I hate Toma's role in Maou but...why do he have to die?????? Also Ryou..he shouldn't have died...Well, its Yamano's fault!!!!!!!!! If he didn't stab Ryou..maybe Ryou and Shiori ended up together...that nerd shattered my RyouxShiori dreams!...that nerd is the one who should die not Ryou and Naoto....

Well, Maou is so great...'coz it made me cry...the last J dorama that I've wtched that made me cry was Koizora (I cried every episode of Koizora)

Tags: j actress, mizukawa asami, picspam
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