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Fic: Loveless

Title: Loveless
Author: [info]yuuki_7
Pairing: TakakixOC (Sakurai Yuki) YabuxOC (Sakurai Yuki)
Type: One-shot (songfic)
Ratnig: PG
Summary: Loving Someone who doesn't love you back won't get you anywhere
Disclaimer: I don't own the song nor the characters, I just own the plot ^_^



Today is an ordinary day. There’s nothing special in this day. As usual, I’m still loitering in the corridor during break time.


I sort of understand the reason you hang your head

You're not able to begin talking about breaking up, are you?

Even though our shadows falling on the pavement are moving nearer

Our feelings are now going further apart


My day won’t be complete if I won’t avoid Sakurai Yuki. She’s my ex-girlfriend. I love her but she never loved me. The only person that she loves is my friend, Yabu Kota.


Breaking up with her is not easy. But I have to do it because I know that she’ll be happy if I break up with her. Anyway, if I’ll continue this relationship, it will just be pointless because the spark is already gone.


You have found a different love

But you can't find the words to say to stop our connection


            I could remember it well. I could never forget the day that I’ve seen her talking to Yabu. I was curious on what they’re talking about, so I decided to eavesdrop. But later on, I regret it because Yuki was telling Yabu how much she liked him. Unfortunately, for me, Yabu also liked her back and that’s why I decided to break up with her.


Things like goodbye or it's over

You say it's a lie, but even then

Our hands let go and get colder, we'll become strangers to each other

Things like sorry or don't cry

Because they make me want to embrace you

Before the pile of memories turn to pain

See, at the end I'll smile as we Say Goodbye


“Hello Yuya, how are you?” asked Yuki


What the??? A while ago, I was thinking about her but right now, she’s in front of me and unexpectedly, she’s talking to me.


“Yeah, well, I’m fine, how about you?” Lying to Yuki was hard. Anyway, is she nuts?!? She’s asking me if I’m fine even though she knows that I’m not fine especially when she’s around. That’s why I avoid her. It was never my intention to avoid her. But when she sees me around, after we broke up, she starts to avoid me. Of course I have to avoid her or else, she’ll think that I still love her even though that’s the truth.


“I’m fine, but I’m here to say sorry


“Sorry for what?” I’m confused. What is she talking about?


“Sorry for avoiding you”


“Ah, don’t worry about that, no harm done” Right now I could say that I’m starting to be good at lying. Right now, I want to embrace her. Wait a minute, why am I feeling this?!? This feeling is starting to confuse me.


“Do you remember the place where we first met?”


“Yeah, I met you, for the first time, in this corridor.”


“Very nostalgic, isn’t it?”


“Yeah, but I want to forget those memories because those memories started to turn into pain whenever I’m trying to reminisce them.” What’s wrong with me? A while ago, I’m good at lying but right now, I’m telling the truth. Maybe telling so many lies have side effects.


“Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean to say.”


“Nothing, I didn’t say a thing. Anyway, I have to go because I have something to do, goodbye.” As I walk away, I tried to smile so she won’t worry about me.


"I'm fine alone as well" was the first lie I told

I wanted a way to stop your tears

Really you were important to me, really I don't want to let go

Emotions with nowhere to go fill my heart


            Right now, I don’t know where will I go. I won’t go back because it’s still break time. Somebody tapped my shoulders, as I look around; I realized that the one who tapped my shoulders is Yabu.


            “Long time no talking, Takaki.” said Yabu


            “Yeah, so how are you?” A while ago I was talking to Yuki. But right now, I was talking to her boyfriend, Yabu.


            “Well, me and Yuki just broke up.”


            “What?!? What happened?” I’m shocked to hear that they broke up. Maybe, that’s the reason why she’s talking to me a while ago.


            “Right now, I want to be alone, so I broke up with her.” said Yabu. Out of frustration, I punched him.


            “What’s that for?!?” Yabu is shocked that I punched him.


            “You promised me! You promised me before I broke up with her that you’ll never make her cry!”


            “But she didn’t cry, so I could say that I fulfilled my promise to you.”


            After he said that, I ran back towards the corridor where I was talking to Yuki a while ago. Right now, I know that she needs someone who will comfort her. Maybe I’ll just try to comfort her. Anyway, I don’t have anything to lose because I’ve lost everything when I broke up with her.


But because I'm wishing for your happiness more than anyone

I may be acting tough, but I want to tell you "thanks"


            Luckily, Yuki is still there in the corridor. She’s chatting with her friends. Looks like she’s happy so there’s nothing that I should worry about. Maybe I should go back to the classroom now because it’s nearly time.


            “Takaki, wait!” shouted Yuki.




            “I just want to thank you for making me happy even though I can’t return the favor because__


            “Because you love Yabu, not me. Is that what you want to say?”


             After I said that, neither of us speak. I could only hear the deafening silence around us. But the silence was gone when the bell rang.


Even goodbye, even regrets

They're proof that we had met

It's because it is you that I think this way

You are an irreplaceable existence in my life

So as not to forget them, I'll etch the seasons we shared together into my heart

As I watch you go hurrying off to a new future

Yes, at the end I'll smile as we Say Goodbye


            “Looks like it’s already time. Well bye for now.” The way Yuki says goodbye…it feels like this is the last time that I’ll see her.


            Going back to the classroom is boring. I’m present in class but my mind is wondering somewhere else.


            I didn’t regret that I met her. If I didn’t meet her, maybe I won’t feel the feeling that I’m feeling right now. Today, I feel like I want to continue loving her even though she doesn’t love me back. This feeling is starting to overwhelm me.


            A while ago, I told Yuki that I want to forget those memories that I have with her. Well, I’m lying to her again because right now I want to keep those memories and I’ll only forget those memories if I could finally let her go without regrets. 


Things like goodbye or it's over

You say it's a lie, but even then

Our hands let go and get colder, we'll become strangers to each other

Things like sorry or don't cry

Because they make me want to embrace you

Before the pile of memories turn to pain

See, at the end I'll smile as we Say Goodbye


            The classes started right after I’ve seated in my place. I was almost late but luckily, I’m not. This day is not an ordinary day because I started to be good at lying. She’s not avoiding me anymore. She said sorry to me even though she didn’t do something wrong. I’m somewhat comfortable when she’s around. Those memories aren’t painful anymore. Finally, I could smile and I don’t feel any pain , when I say goodbye to her.

Author's Note: Just tell me if there are grammar errors ^_^
Hope you like it ^_^

Tags: fanfic, hey! say! jump, takaki yuya, yabu kota
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